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“We work for the happiness of all people related to our company.”

Minimotors is a company which is developing a personal mobility and we are steadily devoted ourselves to the one way for 17 years since Minimotors is established in 1999.

We are very much appreciated over 100,000 customers’ love and purchasing. All of the employees in Minimotors are trying to make better products which customers want to recompense the customers for their expectation.

Recently, there are so many new companies since the electric mobility market is bigger and bigger. However, there is not many companies which has accumulated skill and experience, especially good service mind. Most of them is disappeared after getting a benefit of the short period with low quality and price, therefore, it is difficult to change consumer’s recognition about the electric mobility.

“Product can be duplicated, but history can’t be.”

To overcome limitation of a company which just import and distribute, Minimotors established own factory in China initially in Korea, and completed producing the world first two wheel driving electric scooter ‘Dualtron’ which is designed in Korea. Minimotors launched it in Korea and started exportation from 2015.

We will try to develop the products has world best quality and distribute it in reasonable price to make a Minimotors to global enterprise. We promise to provide perfect customer service with a professional service network in all over the world. We will only produce and introduce the productswhich make people who is related our company and customers happy.